When to sign up for Medicare

​​​Medicare - What do I need and when?

Below is a general overview of the Medicare options for benefits eligible employees.  Individual situations vary and you need to determine what is best for you.

Please confirm your enrollment eligibility with Medicare @ (800) 633-4227​​​.​

  • Part A - Hospitalization, no charge
    • RSCCD requires all eligible employees to sign up for Part A when turning 65.
    • Sign up 3 months before the month of your 65th birthday @ www.Medicare.gov.
  • Part B - Doctor Visits
    • There is a monthly charge for Part B
    • If you don't sign up when you are first eligible, you will be assessed a 10% penalty for each year you did not sign-up.
    • ​​If an employee is turning 65 and is still actively working and covered by their group health plan, they may decline Medicare part B without a penalty.  It's important to note that COBRA and retiree coverage does not count towards this exception.
    • Retirees with lifetime benefits do not need Part B, however, if the retiree passes away before their spouse, their spouse may need to purchase Part B and they would be assessed the 10% penalty when they sign-up. This could be a significant cost.  The surviving spouse can continue the RSCCD benefits by paying the ​full premium.
    • Once you retire you will have 8 months to enroll in Part B without incurring a penalty. To apply for Part B, go to www.Medicare.gov, click on "I have employer or union coverage" and download the application for enrollment in Part B.

Part C - Medicare Advantage Plan, monthly charge

    • If you choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you forfeit your benefits coverage through the District,   

Part D, Prescription Coverage

As part of you benefits, Health Advocate is ready to assist you when considering enrollment in Medicare.  They can be reached at (866) 799-2728.​  ABC's of Medicare - Know your options

(800) 633-4227

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