Dental PPO

​​​MetLife Dental​| Dental PPO (through 12/31/2023)

With the MetLife PPO Dental Plan, you may visit a PPO dentist and benefit from the negotiated rate or visit a non-network dentist. When you seek services from a PPO dentist, your out of pocket expenses will be less. If you seek services utilizing a non-network dentist, your out of pocket costs will be higher. 

The District switched our PPO dental insurance carrier to MetLife as of January 1st, 2021.  The summary of benefits is listed below and includes an enhancement called Preventative Maximum Waiver.

Instruction on how to find providers online through MetLife's mobile app or through the MetLife employee benefit portal (MyBenefits) is also listed below.

Employees and their dependents will only need to provide their name and last four digits of the subscribers social security number and date of birth in order to make appointments.  The dental office will be able to look up your information in their system.  If you prefer to print a physical ID card, you will need to register on the MyBenefits portal and click the option to print an ID card.  

MetLife PPO PDP Plus Group #0230808

2023 RSCCD MetLife Dental PPO - Plan Summary

Delta Dental​| Dental PPO (Effective1/1/2024)

​With the Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental plan, you may visit a PPO dentist and benefit from the negotiated rate or visit a non-network dentist . When you utilize a PPO dentist , your out-of-pocket expenses will be less. You may also obtain services using a non-network dentist ​. Please note that when you receive services from non-network providers, you are responsible for the difference between the covered amount (allowance) and the actual charges. 

If you enroll in Delta Dental PPO, there are no member ID cards. The provider verifies your eligibility through your SSN. You may register online and print a temporary member ID card if you would like to use that (the dental office will still require your SSN).

Delta Dental PPO Group #00908 - 09510