Voluntary Plan Conversions

​Optional voluntary plans that can be continued after retirement are as follows:​

Life Insurance Conversion - As an active employee, RSCCD has provided Basic employee Life insurance coverage at no cost to you.  The amount is 1-times your annual salary ($50,000 min).  when you retire you will have the opportunity to convert this coverage to an individual plan.  If you enrolled in Spouse and Child Life insurance, your dependents will also have the option to convert coverage.  A "Notice of Group Life Insurance Conversion Privilege" will be included in your retirement packet.

Voluntary Employee Life insurance Portability -  this coverage  is portable for the Employee coverage only.  An "Election of Portable Coverage Form for Group Life Insurance Coverage" will be included in your retirement packet.

Hyatt Legal Plan - MetLaw - If you wish to continue your legal plan benefit after retiring or terminating employment with RSCCD you must enroll for portable enrollment within 30 days of your date of employment termination. Click here for details to apply for portable enrollment.

AFLAC - If you are interested in continuing your voluntary income protection plans, please call Customer Service at (800) 992-3522.  The premiums you paid as an RSCCD employee will remain the same.  AFLAC will assist you in setting up a payment method over the phone.  If you need additional assistance, please call Sandy Rokop @ (714) 573-2910

United Pet Care - This program is portable when you leave RSCCD.  Simply call United Pet Care at (949) 916-7374 to let them know you would like to continue a the same low payroll deduction rate you had with the district.  Provide them with a credit/debit card so you can continue to receive all your veterinary savings.

​​​​When considering retirement,  medical/dental benefit options are governed by the bargaining agreement that the employee retires under. Check your bargaining agreement.

Please contact Diane Loya @714/480-7567 for further details.