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​Job DescriptionGrade​​Last Updated (MM-YY)
​Accompanist ​10
Account Clerk​4
Account Clerk, Intermediate​6
Account Clerk, Senior​10
Accountant, Senior​15
Admissions Assistant​3
​Admissions & Records Specialist I​6
​Admissions & Records Specialist II​8
Admissions & Records Specialist III​10
​Admissions & Records Specialist, Senior​11
​Admissions & Records Technology Specialist​15
​Alternate Media Specialist​13
Applications Specialist I​13
Applications Specialist II​15
​Applications Specialist III​19
​Applications Specialist IV​22
Art Gallery Coordinator​11
Assessment Assistant​5
Athletic Trainer/Therapist​15
Athletic Trainer/Therapist Assistant​14
Athletic Field Grounds Worker​9
Athletic/PE Equipment Assistant​3
Athletic Equipment Coordinator​12
​Audit Specialist16
​Automotive Mechanic​11
Auxiliary Services Specialist​10
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Bookstore Buyer ​10
Bookstore Operations Specialist​13
​Bookstore Storekeeper8​
​Business Systems Analyst​15
Business Services Coordinator​13
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CARE Program Coordinator ​11
Career Guidance Coordinator 13​
Career Guidance Specialist11​
​Career Technician​10
Cashier, Senior​6
Child Development Aide​C
Child Development Center Cook/Nutrition Specialist6​
​Clerk, Administrative​10
​Clerk, General Office ​3
​Clerk, Intermediate​5
Clerk, Senior​8
Clerk, Senior/Communications Center Dispatcher​8
​Cloud Computing Specialist

​Communications Specialist
​Community Services Coordinator I
​Community Services Coordinator II​15
Community Services Field Coordinator​8
Community Services Program Developer​9
Community Services Technician​8
Computer Lab Technician​10
Computer Operations Coordinator​16
Computer Operations Specialist​15
Computer Programmer​13
Contract Education Coordinator​13
Contracts Specialist​15
Coordinator of Community Relations​14
​Costume Technician​4
Counseling Assistant​5
​Curriculum Specialist15
​Custodian, Lead​8
​Custodian/Utility Worker, Senior​7
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​Data Entry Clerk ​5
Desktop Publishing Technician​12
Development Coordinator​15
Digital Media Specialist​15
​Disabled Student Center Specialist​7
​Distance Education Services Specialist​15
District Accounting Analyst​17
​District Safety Officer​9
​District Safety Officer, Intermediate​10
District Safety Officer, Senior (Armed)​13
​Disabled Student Program & Services Specialist​11
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Electronic & Computer Technician I​ ​11
Electronic & Computer Technician II​13
Electronic Technician​11
​​Electronics Storekeeper/Repair Technician​8
Extended Opportunities Program & Services Specialist​6
​Extended Opportunities Program & Services Specialist, Senior​10
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Facilities Coordinator​ 12
​Facility Planning Specialist​17
​Facility Systems Engineer​17
​Financial Aid Analyst​11
​Financial Aid Computer Analyst​13
​Financial Aid Computer Technician​10
​Financial Aid Coordinator​15
Financial Aid Senior Account Clerk​11
​Financial Aid Technician​8
​Fine ​Arts Theater Facilities Technician9
Food Service Aide​C
​Food Service Worker​3
​Food Service Worker, Senior​5
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Gardener, Lead ​10
​Gardener/Utility Worker​8
Graduation Specialist​15
Grants Assistant
Graphic Designer​14
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​Help Desk Analyst ​13
High School & Community Outreach Specialist​13
​HVAC Mechanic​13
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Information Security Specialist​22
​Information Systems Specialist ​11
​Instructional Assistant​5
​Instructional Assistant-DSPS​6
​Instructional Center Specialist​12
​Instructional Center Technician​7
​Instructional Coordinator/Analyst​13
​Instructional Designer​20
​Instructional Equipment Coordinator​9
​Instructional Media Producer​15
​International Student Coordinator​16
​International Student Program Specialist​11
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Job Developer ​12
​Job Placement Coordinator​13
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​Lead Central Plant Operator​14
​Learning Assistant ​10
​Learning Center Specialist​8
​Learning Facilitator​8
Learning Resources Specialist​14
​Learning Specialist​7
​Library Clerk​6
​Library Systems Specialist​13
​Library Technician​9
​Library Technician II​12
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Mail & Delivery Clerk ​4
​Mail/Warehouse Assistant​8
​Mailroom Clerk, Senior​9
Maintenance Assistant​5
Maintenance/Utility Worker​8
Maintenance Worker, Lead​14
Marketing Specialist​12
​Media Systems Electronic Technician​13
Media Systems Electronic Technician, Lead​15
Media Systems Technical Assistant​8
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Network Specialist I ​15
Network Specialist II​17
​Network Specialist III​19
Network Specialist IV​22
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Office of Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion Program Coordinator​15
​Offset Lithographer ​9
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Parking Attendant 
​Payroll Specialist​13
​Payroll Specialist, Senior ​14
​People and Culture Business Partner
Phototypesetting Technician I​8
Phototypesetting Technician II
​Placement Specialist ​12
​Printing/Reprographics/Bindery Technician​8
​Program Specialist​8
​Property Facilitator​10
​Publications Assistant​5
​Publications Assistant Lead​6

​Publications Specialist

​Purchasing Assistant​11
​Purchasing Clerk​5
​Purchasing Clerk, Senior​8
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​Reprographics Technician ​9
Research Analyst17
Research Assistant​12
​Research Coordinator18
​Research Specialist​13
Resource Development Coordinator​16
Resource Development Coordinator, Senior​18
​Risk Management Specialist​12
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​Scholarship Coordinator ​14
​Science Laboratory Coordinator​13
​Science Storekeeper/Lab Technician​7
​Secretary, Administrative12
​Secretary, Executive​14
​Senior Accounting Analyst​19
​Simulation Technician​17
Skilled Maintenance Worker​11
Small Business Specialist​19
Special Projects Specialist​11
Sports Information Coordinator​13
​Student Activities Assistant​6
​Student Activities Coordinator​13
Student Activities Specialist​8
Student Program Specialist​10
​Student Services Coordinator​15
Student Services Specialist​10
​Student Support Services Program Specialist​13
​Support Services Assistant​11
​Success Center Specialist​10
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Technical Specialist I ​13
​Technical Specialist II​15
​Technical Specialist III​17
​Technical Specialist IV​20
​Technology and Production Coordinator​15
​Technology Storekeeper​7
Test Proctor​3
​Theatre Facilities Technician​7
​Title IX Specialist​11
​Transfer Center Specialist​11
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​Veterans Affairs Coordinator ​12
Video Technician​8
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 ​Warehouse Storekeeper

​Web Designer