Retirement FAQ's

​​Retirement from the District is defined as an employees termination from full-time District employment which is concurrent with his/her retirement under  PERS or STRS. 

Retirement is also governed by collective bargaining groups.

CSEA 579, Article 19.6

CSEA 888, Article 11.8

FARSCCD, Article 5.3

Management /Confidential, BP7132

It is advisable to contact PERS or STRS prior to retirement.  A counselor will advise you of their criteria that must be met in order to retire.  They can also advise you the best time to retire so that you maximize your monthly compensation upon retirement.

Once you have made a decision on your retirement date, notify your supervisor in writing of your upcoming retirement.  HR will then be notified and your retirement will be placed on Docket for approval by the Board. Once on Docket the Employee Benefits Department will be notified. 

If you are considering working part time for the district after retirement, there is a 180-day waiting period before you can be rehired.

Retiree Health Eligibility​​​​​

When you meet the requirements stated in the above referenced Articles, you will be eligible to receive the same medical/dental/vision benefits as you currently receive as an active employee. Retiree health enrollment information is mailed 1 month prior to retirement.

If you are enrolled with PPO Dental, the District will contribute towards the PPO Dental premium throughout the year of your 65th birthday.  Thereafter, you will have the option to continue the PPO Dental plan by paying the full premium. The Employee Benefits department will be in contact with you to accommodate this transition.

Our voluntary plans can also be converted upon retirement. See Voluntary Plan Conversions

Questions about Medicare? See" When to Sign up for Medicare" You can also review the brochure "RSCCD & Medicare" for information on how Medicare works with our insurance plan.​


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