What you need to know about emergency care

​​​​​ Emergency Sign  

To go to the ER or not?

When you need care right away, deciding where to go can be a tough call.  The emergency room (ER) may seem like a natural choice.  But if it's not a true emergency, you might save money and time by going somewhere else. ER wait times are  at an all-time high.  Plus, an ER visit can be expensive.  True emergencies need ER care or a 911 call.  But when it's not an emergency, we can help you find other options for care.

Calling your primary doctor is a good first choice.  But if you can't see your doctor soon enough, or if it's after hours, finding a clinic or urgent care center is another good option.

Most urgent care centers are open weeknights and weekends.

Finding non-emergency care is easy:

For Anthem Members:  anthem.com/ca/eralt 

For Kaiser Members:  Emergency Care

Each clinic or center may have different services.  Before you go, be sure to call and ask:

  • What are your hours?
  • Do you have services that I need?
  • What age range to you treat?
  • Are you in my health plan network?